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Australian National Busking Championships - Noosa Final

Noosa will be hosting a qualifying heat for the 2024 Australian National Busking Championships.

An action-packed day of fun family-friendly free entertainment.

In its 8th year, this event attracts a host of musicians young and old from Primary school to retirees who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to play with all venues used for pokies these days.

The river bank is a hive of activity with up to a thousand people in attendance. The winners of these regional competitions will come to Cooma on 30 November 2024 to compete in the 2024 ANBC National Grand Final.

Saturday 8th June

I'm a Busker

Are you a busker looking to apply?

We’re very keen to have you, click below to submit your application to compete in the Noosa Busking Finals.

I want to watch

You’re in luck, with over 50 of the regions top busking performers on display, this fun and free festival will be exactly what you’re ears have been waiting for.

How it Works

  1. The Busking Championships take place along the Noosa Foreshore on Saturday 8th June 2024
  2. The public are encouraged to purchase busking tokens and distribute them to their favourite Buskers. These tokens help the buskers win the Peoples Choice awards
  3. Anybody is free to come on down and wander around one of the 15 busking spots we’ve got happening along the Noosa Foreshore (Next to the NYRC)
  4. Busking winners will be announced on the Sunday (9th June) at the Noosa Come2gether Festival

Australian National Busking Championships - Noosa Final

oin us on Saturday, 9th June, for the exhilarating Noosa Final of the Australian National Busking Championships™ (ANBC).

This prestigious event gathers the finest street performers and musicians from around the region, each competing for a chance to showcase their talents at the national level.

The Noosa Final is not just a competition; it’s a celebration of music and street performance culture, providing artists with a fantastic platform to engage with the community and perform in front of a diverse audience.

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, this event promises a day filled with unique talents and unforgettable performances.

Meet Your Buskers